The Importance of Recycling Batteries

The Importance of Recycling Batteries

There was a time when we didn’t stop to think about recycling our batteries. A battery became weak or no longer working and just replaced it with a new one than threw it away. However, this wasn’t the wisest thing to do, because it was determined that because batteries were made using certain types of metals and toxic chemicals that disposing of these could have an adverse effect on our ecosystem. As time went on a genuine concern developed that the materials used in batteries could contaminate our soil and water. So, the need to start recycling batteries became apparent and any battery recycling services started to be established worldwide in various locations.

Types of Batteries that are Recyclable

Most batteries are can be recycled although, some such as standard alkaline isn’t as hazardous to the environment. Bur recycling is always a good thing that will benefit the environment and give the individual a lite money at the same time. So, with that in mind let’s take a closer look at some of the other batteries that should be recycled and what these are used for in our daily lives.

Silver Oxide Batteries: These are the flat circular batteries that come in various sizes. This type of battery is used in watches, medical devices and some toys designed for children. These are dangerous in that they contain mercury. These should not only be recycled by a parent should be careful since there have been reports of young children swallowing the smaller versions of this battery which is extremely dangerous.

Lead-Acid Batteries: These are the batteries used in motor vehicles such as cars, trucks, motor homes, and even golf carts. This battery comes in various types such as standard lead acid, sealed lead acid, gel type, and absorbent glass mat. No matter what type is used, this is a battery that it needs to be recycled due to the toxic chemicals used in creating it such as lead.

Lithium-Ion Batteries; This is the battery that is found in laptops and tablet computers. Although it is rechargeable there will come a time when it will need to be replaced. As things stand not all components of this highly used yet dangerous battery aren’t recyclable, including the lithium component. However, technology is still advancing to make it possible for this battery to be completely recycled since it’s components hold such dangers as being toxic, and flammable, so even during the recycle process this battery needs to be handled with care.

Finding a Battery Recycling Center

As stated above, there are several battery recycling centers in several locations worldwide. Especially in North America, in fact, most of the states within the United States now have battery recycling centers. In order to find one in your area, the best thing to do is to do research. Remember, that other then an alkaline battery it isn’t advisable to toss a battery into the trash. Not only is recycling the sensible thing to do but it will also bear some profit since there is money to be made in doing so. It really is a winning proposition all the way around.